Baby Point BIA Participates in YP Shop Local!

On November 28th Baby Point BIA participated in Yellow Pages Shop the Hood annual event. This nationwide event occurs after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday to encourages Canadians to shop local in their own neighbourhoods.

In 2014, Yellow Pages estimated the impact of #ShopTheHood to be:

  • $30 million was spent by shoppers in Toronto’s local businesses
  • 98% of Canadians said supported the shop local initiative promoted by #ShopTheHood
  • 57% per Toronto residents were aware of the event said it influenced their shopping habits

With such widespread attention, Baby Point Gates BIA was pleased to support local merchants as they participated in this national event promoting the importance of shopping local.

This Yellow Pages national initiative was free for merchants to participate in upon submitting deals to be listed exclusively on the #ShopTheHood smartphone app. The app, available both for Android and iPhone devices, displayed offers available in the user’s geographic location.

Did you enjoy #ShopTheHood in 2015?

During the 2015 Shop the Neighbourhood event, local merchant Joe Valenza, owner of Baby Point Hardware, offered no HST and shared the event on his social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.

Baby Point Gates BIA intends to further spread awareness of the Yellow Pages Shop the Neighbourhood event once dates are announced in 2016 to get more merchants to submit deals and get involved. In an effort to offer a local alternative to the big box stores, Baby Point BIA suggest you shop local during the holiday season.