‘The Office’ is a professional co-working space, owned and operated by Gus Skarlatakis, Ryan Atkinson and Sean Persaud. 

  1. When did you open your business?

We officially opened for business in February 2018.

  1. What prompted you to open your own business?

We recognized that there was a demand for shared and flexible work space options in the area. We saw a great opportunity to create something that could really benefit local entrepreneurs and small business owners. So, we set out to create a professional space for people who might otherwise be working out of their homes, or at coffee shops.

  1. Tell us a bit about your business (products, services). What makes you unique?

We have created a really unique space, designed to foster a positive and professional working environment. Unlike many other shared office spaces, we provide completely custom rental packages to meet the specific needs of our members. We rent private or shared office space by the year, month, week or hour. We have some members who just need a place to work over their lunch hour, while we also have members who rent office space by the month. In addition, we offer conference room rentals, and virtual mailing addresses. All of our members have access to the Copy Room, fast WiFi, and coffee and refreshments in the kitchen.

Another unique feature is that our office space is open 24 hours. All of our members have access cards and can access their office space at any time. Private offices have locking doors, while shared offices have locks on desk drawers, so members always feel secure about their space.

  1. What has been your biggest success since opening ‘The Office’?

Our biggest success is that we have managed to build a strong community among our members. People who work here on a regular basis have gotten to know one another, and created a strong network of support. Being an entrepreneur can often be isolating or lonely, but at The Office, members help one another out, network, socialize and take breaks together. 

  1. What has been your biggest challenge as a small business owner?

Our biggest challenge as business owners is finding and maintaining balance. We are constantly striving to balance the needs of our business with our personal lives. This includes, building business relationships, running daily operations, growing the business and being aware of the needs of others.

Thiago and Manuela in the office


The Office, 347 Jane Street, Toronto, ON M6S 3Z3

Tel: 416-604-8809

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