Waste Reduction Week in Canada is here! We are pleased to inform you that Baby Point Gates B.I.A. is hosting a Textile Recycling Collection Drive. What you can’t consign, resell or donate, we’ll be collecting clothing, costumes and household textiles to help ensure this material stays out of landfill.

What’s Accepted:
Clothing (all types), shoes, boots, accessories and bags, general household textiles (blankets, sheets, towels), sleeping bags, curtains, and soft toys (i.e. stuffed animals).
Please ensure they are cleaned before donation. To allow Diabetes Canada to easily transport the material, all clothing must be placed in plastic or paper bags before being placed into the bin.
This is a great opportunity to clean out your drawers, closets and basements! Clothing will be reused and recycled by Diabetes Canada. This event is brought to you by Partners in Project Green. If you have any questions, contact: coordinator@babypointgates.ca.

If you have additional items and would like a free home pick up after Waste Reduction Week, please visit declutter.diabetes.ca.

Note: As entry to our public pumpkin giveaway and pumpkin carving area during this weekend’s Halloween Pumpkin Spooktacular, your donation to Diabetes Canada of unwanted clothing and household textiles in poor condition would be appreciated.

Saturday, October 26, 2019 – 10:30 AM – 3:30PM

Parking lot, Annette Runnymede Presbyterian Church, 680 Annette Street

To learn more about Partners In Project Green: https://www.partnersinprojectgreen.com/your-needs/waste-management/

To learn more about the declutter work of Diabetes Canada: https://declutter.diabetes.ca/about