Little Havana Cafe y Bodega started as a cafe on wheels and now has a physical spot located in Toronto’s west’s Baby Point Gates BIA, for their Cuban coffees that doubles as a Latin-inspired gift shop. Joshua English and Monica Mustelier began their mobile coffee shop in 2017, frequenting farmers' markets and food truck events in Toronto with their vintage caravan. When lockdowns ramped up business even more, a home base where everyone could grab a Cuban sip seemed like a good idea. All of the items in-store have Latin, Caribbean, Indigenous or local significance and mostly all of it is sourced from small batch BIPOC folks, women, LGBTQ+ or Canadian-owned businesses. They've added old family coffee and cocktail recipes to pay homage to all things loved. "We offer authentic Cuban beverages and snacks, play good music and create a great vibe. It feels like a mini vacation" says Monica. Joshua and Monica share a love for caravans, strong espresso, good vibes and rum. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to know all the latest newness! ​

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  • Monica and Joshua
  • (416) 769-8204
  • 245 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4S 3Y8, Canada

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