Our Mission

To offer, under one roof, a fully integrated community of health and wellness specialists.  Talk, touch move is a collective of caring professionals with expertise in the nexus of naturopathic medicine, nutrition, massage, psychotherapy, marriage and family counseling, yoga and yoga therapy and meditation instruction.  We recognize that the challenges and complexities of life can at times be daunting; our mission is to offer a refuge of coordinated therapeutic healing for the body, the mind and the spirit.  Talking, touching and moving are the simple and essential ways in which we share our inner beings with those around us.  This is how we connect to one another, how we express and release our joy and pain.  These are the healing pathways to our growth and healing, the routes that lead us out of suffering and struggle to find our place in the world with resilience and vitality.  We believe it not only 'takes a village to raise a child' that all human beings thrive when held within a circle of community - one that provides guidance, support and a refuge in difficult times - but also a community that appreciates the unique nature of each person's character, concerns and circumstance.  talk touch move provides a flexible collaborative home for the therapists who reside here and we believe that our ability to create a circle of respectful support for each other will translate into that same experience for the clients who seek our services.  We embrace our clients as whole human beings, with the same warmth and generosity of spirit with which we embrace each other.  We offer an interweaving of professional services; each of us as therapists has made a personal commitment to the development of a deep knowledge and expertise in our areas of specialty, as well as to our own personal growth  as fellow "travelers on this road'.  Janice Carere

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