“Offering the SAFEST Massage in the city.”

Inspired by COVID stress and how to reduce it in March 2020, Silvina (owner of Siéntate) witnessed a wave of repercussions from this collective traumatic experience.   Having completed the “Mental Health First Aid Certification (MHFA)from the Mental Health Commission of Canada”, coupled with her 20+ years of passionate interest into the Alternative & Holistic Care industries she recognized Massage Therapy as one of the most trusted, effective and used NATURAL treatments to positively impact mental health and physical stress. After extensive industry research, she chose the award-winning, technologically advanced OHCO M8 Massage Chair which has become the centrepiece of her business offerings and a hit with her established clients. The OHCO chair features and tension relief options can be adjusted to personal preferences.  Included are sights and sounds of choice or recommendation to amplify the de-stressing experience.  The space uses a true-HEPA air filtration system offering clean fresh air every 30 minutes and we use medical grade UV-C light cleaning actions on all surfaces.  In a post Covid world this well-thought-out space and sophisticated chair can be considered one of the safest ways to receive a massage!  Go in, sit down and let the relaxation begin. 

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Get to know the owner…

Silvina’s background is Argentinian, becoming a proud Canadian over 35 years ago, her studies include Marketing, Mental Health, and Meditation. Professionally, she started in print production and media sales, then shifted direction towards a boutique Ad agency where she planned, purchased, and managed TV, Radio and Print campaigns for clients such as CIBC, Suzuki and National Ballet of Canada.   After reaching professional success, at a personal cost she left the high stress deadline culture to become a freelance marketer with purpose, meaning and power over her creativity, time and output.   Silvina now offers her sincere insights to those with maximum interest and minimal resistance in Self-care actions.