Founded in 1977, CANADIAN MANDA GROUP is a leading sales agency of books, stationery and gift products, offering renowned international and local publishers to retailers, libraries and wholesalers.

Our team is comprised of a strong network of passionate and devoted individuals, who bring a deep understanding of sales and publishing to their jobs. With 20 staff members located across the country in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal we are one of the largest and most comprehensive sales and marketing teams in North America.  We call on all manner of customers including: chain retailers, mass market stores, online retailers, independent bookstores, gift & specialty stores, museums, galleries, Universities & Colleges, wholesalers and many more.  We also work actively with our clients and customers on traditional publicity and marketing as well as through all social media channels.  We pride ourselves on our long standing relationships and transparency in all of our efforts on behalf of our publishing partners.

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